Acupuncture and Atmospheric Electricity

John F. Wetling, architect
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In his paper "Is Acupuncture an Electrical Phenomenon ?" dr. Niels Jonassen outlines the possibility of a connection between certain atmospheric electrical parameters and acupuncture and he refers to the CellCare/3A-Therapy developed by the author of the present paper.

In nature we are usually exposed to an electric field, which causes a current through our bodies. If a needle is inserted subcutaneously in the skin the field will be distorted resulting in an increased current as pointed out in Dr. Jonassens paper.

On this background I developed a device and a technique, the CellCare/3A-Therapy, by which it is possible technically to send a current through a human body in a way similar to what happens in nature.

No needles are used in the treatment, but the results and the reactions of the patients are very similar to what happens during and after an effective acupuncture cure, like the feeling of heat flowing through the body and a pleasant tiredness after the treatment.

These same reactions are also seen, but sooner, with the CellCare/3A-Therapy.


Acupuncture and Asthma

Everybody working with acupuncture has experienced how effective the treatment of asthma with acupuncture can be. It is also known that it is likely that asthmatic attacks are provoked by so-called mast cells in our body, and it is therefore naturally to investigate the reactions of these cells to treatments, be it by acupuncture or by CellCare/3A-Therapy.

In the following we define asthma as a disease of the upper respiratory tract resulting in a reduced flow of air to the lungs, and similarly bronchitis as an acute or chronic state of inflammation of the bronchial system, and finally allergy as a changed mode of reaction of the cells to certain substances, the allergens

Mast cells are involved in anaphylactic shocks, where considerable amounts of heparin and histamine are deposited in the blood. These and other, biologically active substances present in the granula of the mast cells, are to a certain degree responsible for the symptoms to be observed with asthmatic and allergic reactions.

During an asthmatic or allergic attack the mast cells are provoked to produce and liberate histamine.

By the use of a chemically manufactured secretoric active substance it is possible to simulate the process, which takes place in the body, when mast cells produce histamine. In this way it is possible to imitate the conditions for an asthmatic or allergic attack, and that opens the possibility for an investigation of the relation between the mode of treatment and production of histamine.

With traditional medical treatment of asthma steroids and various beta-agonists have been used, but this application has often given rise to a series of unwanted side effects.

When using acupuncture-CellCare/3A-Therapy, on the other hand, the treatment seems to work effectively with no side effects.

The investigation described below opens the possibility of studying the mechanisms, which by exocytose leads to the secretion of mediators. The production of histamine is typically a result of an attack of asthma or allergy, and will give rise to various types of discomfort.

Mast cells can be isolated and have for years been used when studying cellular changes happening during the secretory process.


Glossary and technical concepts

Spontaneous histamine: The percentage of spontaneous histamine is a measure of to what degree the cells have been affected during the process, or in other words if the production of histamine is affected by the nature of cell fluid. If the spontaneous histamine is below 5 % the cells have not been affected to a measurable degree. If, on the other hand, the spontaneous histamine is above 5 % the cells are said to be stressed.

The spontaneous histamine can thus be used as a control of whether the cells used in the experiments behave like normal healthy cells.

Exocytose: The process by which the mast cells are liberating histamine.

Cell suspension: Cell plus cell liquid

Grounding connector: Ion generators, measuring equipment and patients have to be connected to ground in order to be able to interpret the currents measured.

Compound 48/80: During an allergic or asthmatic attack the mast cells increase their production of histamine. Compound 48/80 is a chemically manufactured substance, which is able to stimulate the secretion of histamine from mast cells.

By using different concentrations of compound 48/80 in the cell solutions and thus provoking different rates of histamine release, it is possible to investigate whether a treatment (like 3A-Therapy) has any suppressing effect on the unwanted histamine production.

In order to show the relation between acupuncture and certain atmospheric electric parameters the results presented below should be viewed in the light of the following considerations.

When needles are inserted in the skin in an acupuncture treatment for instance in connection with an asthmatic case, the needles will, with a grounded patient, cause an increase in the current from a possible atmospheric electric field.

With a proper evaluation of the number of needles, the places of insertion and the length of the insertion, a marked improvement in the state of the patient is normally achieved.

With an incorrect or improper evaluation a worsening of the state of the patient, even the start of an attack, may result.

With the use of 3A-Therapy similar reactions are noticed as will be explained in the experiments described below.

atmosph1.gif (2151 bytes)
Fig. 1

Set-up for treating cell suspension
with atmospheric ions

In Fig. 1 is shown a laboratory set-up (corresponding to the equipment used in clinics in connection with 3A-Therapy).

An ion generator, which with these experiments is producing negative ions, is mounted directly above the surface of a cell suspension in an insulating container. At the bottom of the container is a copper electrode connected to ground through a sensitive ammeter. We are thus able to measure the current from the ion generator through the liquid.

With the first series of experiments the liquid in the exposure container was a cell suspension containing mast cells.

The purpose of these experiments was to see if mast cells react to atmospheric ions in a way, which is consistent with what we believe is happening when for instance a person suffering from an asthmatic attack is being treated with acupuncture.

After a current had been passed through the suspension in a time interval, which was varied from experiment to experiment compound 48/80 was added to various concentrations, and the reactions of the mast cells in terms of histamine secretion was studied.

There was no doubt that the reaction of the mast cells depended on the current treatment, but the results were rather erratic.

If an experiment for instance was repeated the following day using the same current in the same time the reaction was sometimes very different, and a positive reaction might even be replaced by an overreaction.

Such results are obviously puzzling, possibly suggesting that the properties of the mast cells vary from time to time.

On the other hand, there are a lot of parallels to the way an acupuncture treatment works on a patient.

We now developed the theory that the treatment with ions primarily was a treatment of the cell fluid, and that the effect observed on the mast cells was caused by a subsequent interaction between the cell fluid and the mast cells.

In order to investigate this a series of experiments was performed with a cell fluid without mast cells.

With the active treatment currents from positive as well as negative ions were passed through the samples for a period of one hour using the set-up shown in Fig. 1. The same (numeric) current was used with all the experiments. After the exposure to the current mast cells were added to the samples as well as to an untreated sample.

After a period of 30 minutes compound 48/80 was added to concentrations of 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 m g/ml.

The results are shown in Fig. 2.

atmosph2.gif (4037 bytes)

Histamine secretion as a function of the concentration of compound 48/80
at various treatments of the cell fluid

The results demonstrate that the production of histamine increases dramatically with the concentration of compound 48/80, but also that it is possible to reduce the production very markedly by treating the cell fluid with atmospheric ions.

The effect of the treatment seems, within the degree of uncertainty of measurement, to be of the same order of magnitude for positive as well as negative ions.

When confronted with these results, dr. Jonassen stated, that what we saw hardly was an effect of the ions as such, since they cease to exist when hitting the fluid.

We rather had to do with a direct effect of the current on the cell fluid.

In order to investigate this a series of experiments were performed using the set-up shown in Fig. 3.

A constant current generator was connected to a copper electrode in direct contact with the cell liquid.

atmosph3.gif (2312 bytes)
Fig. 3

Set-up for treating cell fluid with
an electric current


The generator was set to the same current as used with the experiments shown in Fig. 2, which also is the current used when applying CellCare/3A-Therapy.

The results are shown in Fig. 4.

Included are also the results from a series of exposures with negative ions using the set-up in Fig. 1.

atmosph4.gif (4397 bytes)

Fig. 4

Histamine production as a function of the concentration of compound 48/80
at various treatment of the cell fluid



The results of the experiments, plotted in Fig. 2 and 4, indicate that it is possible to treat a cell fluid by a current in such a way that the fluid subsequently is able make the mast cells secrete less histamine than do cells in an untreated fluid.

It is now my claim that this is what happens with proper acupuncture treatment, through the interaction of a possible external atmospheric electric field with the acupuncture needles.

It is obviously of extreme importance that the parameters of treatment, i.e. length of treatment, number of needles and places of insertion, are correctly chosen.

And while the relation between the experiments described above and ordinary acupuncture hinges on the suggested connection with an external electric field, the conditions are somewhat simpler when we talk about CellCare/3A-Therapy.

When this system is used on a (grounded) person, the body fluids of the person are treated the same way as the cell fluids used in the experiments described above.

We therefore believe that the many positive results we have witnessed of CellCare/3A-Therapy are caused by the same underlying mechanisms as those responsible for the results presented above.

The reader might wonder why an architect is interested in acupuncture. It so happens that I, as a young man, was employed at a architect drawing office in Copenhagen where we were involved in the biggest Danish hospital project ever.

In connection with this work I got conscious of the importance of the right choice of building materials in order to improve the indoor climate.

By coincidence I got interested in acupuncture at the same time, and I realized that there was a series of conditions where the results of practicing acupuncture could be greatly influenced by the choice and combination of building materials.

In 1972 I formulated the concept of CellCare/3A-Terapi and since then I have, as a consulting architect in indoor climatic problems with special interest in acupuncture, had many discussions with practitioners of acupuncture, may of whom had not had the progress in their work they had anticipated.

I believe that the reason for the lacking results in the work with acupuncture can often be found in a wrong choice and combination of building materials and conditions, and maybe especially in a lack of knowledge or appreciation of the importance of the influence of atmospheric electric parameters.

The experiments described above as well as the treatment in the more than 180 clinics in Denmark, where the CellCare/3A-therapy is employed today, are carried out with regard to the principles, outlined by dr. Niels Jonassen in his paper "Is Acupuncture an Electrical Phenomenon" as well as in other of his papers on atmospheric electricity.

The experiments have been carried out under conditions which can duplicated in any cell laboratory.

People who might wish to repeat the experiments or further develop the ideas will have to make the necessary arrangements with me, and I can to a certain extent supply technical instrumentation and supplementary details.


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