Treatment of Insulin-Dependent and Insulin-Independent Diabetes in Each Definite Clinical Case Using Wonderful Channels, 4 Energy Seas, Yin-Yang syndromes on the Base of Pulse Data and Pulsegram Analysis

Vadim A. Scvortsov and Lidia V. Scvortsova
65-8 st.Matrosova, Biysk 659316, Altaiskii krai, Russia

Part 1

1. State of organs was determined by means of pulse diagnostics (Tibet School). The technical aspect of pulse diagnostics will be beyond authors' consideration. It should be noted however that the process of pulse examination is not very difficult. The main difficulty lies in the further interpretation of data obtained and working out treatment tactics based on them.

2. The authors also use slightly changed diagrams of organs state distribution suggested by Doctor Park Jal Lboo, the founder of su-Jok acupuncture. Diagrams are perfectly suitable for graphic registration of pulse data and their subsequent analysis. Further Doctor Park's diagrams will be named as pulsegrams.

3. The influence was conducted by means of Zhen-Jiu therapy.

4. French nomenclature is used.

In this article the authors use the mathematical methods based on the main principles of the "Canon of Changes" (Ui King). Further doctor Pak's diagrams will be named as pulsegrams.Now let us consider some main principles. There are two orders of trigram arrangement, namely the Fu Xi Order (The Order of "Early Sky") and the Wen Wang Order (the Order of "Late Sky").


Picture 1 => According to Fu-Xi

Picture 2 => According to Wen Wang


Let us write down the Fu Xi Order and mark on it organs belonging to definite trigrams as it is usual in classical China treatise. Let us compare it with a pulsegram and analyse the results.



One can see that pairs of organs belonging to one original element

etc on a pulsegram in the Fu-Xi Order correlate to definite trigrams.

Doctor Pak in his book "Su-Jok acupuncture" (vol. II p.37) says: "It a hollow organ of one of the original elements is in the Excess, a dense organ belonging to the same original element is in the state of Deficiency, and vice versa".

In the form of a diagram a pulsegram looks like this:


Picture 6 => Constitution of Yang - Cold.


In practice, it patients have serious or chronic diseases or they are middle-aged persons this statement often violates. Several and sometimes even all organs belonging to the same original elements are at the same time in the state of either Excess or Deficiency.



It is possible to interpret these data as mistaken, but on the other hand they are quite explicable from the point of view of the Fu - Xi and the Wen-Wang Order.



From the Wen-Wang Order it is obvious that organs belonging to one original element are presented by means of opposite trigrams.



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