Microacupuncture Systems as Fractals of the Human Body

Vadim Bouevitch, M.Ac.
e-mail : moxa@amur.ru


In this investigation the new hypothesis of the formation mechanism of microacupuncture systems, used in the acupuncture is expressed. The idea is based on the principle of the fractalisation of living and non-living nature and on the acupuncture channels systems wave essence. This theory allows from physics point of view explain such categories of traditional chines medicine as meridian, point, microacupuncture system, Qi-energy, pathogen factors. It was substantiated, that possible amount of projection microsystems on skin surface and mucous membranes is unlimited. It's also expressed the necessity of scientific elaboration of physiologic mechanisms of treatment effect realization while the influence on microsystems.

Key words: acupuncture, microacupuncture system, fractal, Su Jok, ECIWO, YNSA.



One of the modern acupuncture characteristics features is the boisterous development of the microacupuncture systems doctrines. From the first look even the brief review astonishes by their variety. Auriculotherapy (Nogier), Su Jock-therapy (Park Jae Woo), ECIWO-therapy (Zhang Ying Qing), oral acupuncture (J. Gleditch), iridodiagnostics, nasal therapy, different modifications of scalptherapy (including Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture-YNSA), vaginal acupuncture (H. Buchheit), clavicle needle injection - that is a far not full list.

All the varieties of these systems are united by their general property - each of them is a projection of all body parts and internal organs on the limited section of the skin, mucous membrane and periosteum. The organs are extrapolated not only morphologically, but also functionally. It's evidently impossible to explain such kind of reflection on so various and removed surfaces by the only means of neurohormonal connections. Nevertheless the clinical efficiency of influence on the microsystems points is out of doubt. One of modern theories of the acupuncture influence is the fractal-field model of organism structure. It exactly opens the way for the microacupuncture systems appearance, structure and activity understanding.



Benua Mandelbrot, working in the field of nonlinear equations and complex numbers (1) is the father of fractal geometry. Mandelbrot's set Xn+1= Xn2 + C, solved for X and C certain significances and depicted on the face with the help of computer graphic arts, shakes the imagination by variety of arising forms and self-similarity of figures. These figures are absolutely identical without any dependence on their quantity and picture scale (1). Their peculiarity is that the primary (mother's) figure gives rise to the absolutely similar in form and contents but smaller in size figures (picture 1). This similarity is mathematically endless in principle, but the real size of the smallest figure must be restricted by atom size. Apart from the self-organization principle here is demonstrated the dialectical unity of structure and chaos during the same process: the central symmetrical figure at the beginning of the process is gradually turning to the chaotic "fractal dust on the periphery.

Recently the fractalisation (similarity) principle has been recognized as the basic principle of nature self-organization. It can be demonstrated by depicting of the seashore tortuous line in different scales (1:100m and 1:100km); the curves are equal; the tree branch and green leaf veins divisions are similar.

A lot of similar to fractal structures were also discovered in the organism. Of course, they are not as identical as mathematics sets are, but the principle of fractalisation is observed while bronchi dihotomic division of the 1-st, 2-nd.5-st etc forms, blood vessels and nerves branching, intestinal villi and microvilli.

Furthermore besides structural there are functional fractals as well. For example, according to the ECG Holter monitoring data, the curve depicting the alteration of heart's contractions frequency for 24 hours, is identical to the R-R interval (electrocardiogram) one minute's exchange diagram (picture 2).

There were many attempts to explain the nature of acupuncture meridians. Now you can count about twenty theories, that confirms that the problem has not been solved yet. One of modern views is the fractal-field model of the organism structure, which describes the meridian as a wave's extreme cycle in the organism coherent field with projection on the body surface at the acupuncture points zone. According to the positions, the main function of the meridians is an informational exchange between the organism (microspace) and the environment (macrospace). The goal of this exchange is the adaptation of on organism for the environment's changeable conditions (2).

Fractal electro-magnetic (or torsion) fields, which are able to transmit information without energy's transfer are pretending on the role of material substratum, by means of which the exchange is realized (3). The advantage's of this model are that it allows to unite the scientific's modern view for the matter's structure with the acupuncture's conception of ancient East; to prove the physical reality of such categories as meridian, Qi-energy, internal and external pathogens etc.

Thus, the channels of acupuncture are the wave formations, which transmit the information about internal environment of an organism and realize the exchange of this information with external environment through the points of acupuncture. That is to say, the meridians system is an informational cast of a human body on wave level. Besides, according to the principle of fractalisation, an organism creates a lot of quantum copies of itself with the projection on the skin, mucous membranes etc. The biological sense of these multiple copies is to create bigger "durability reserve of informational structure or the body scheme, with codes its anatomical structure, space and time development, organs and systems' work.

Let's look at picture 3. If we consider the central biggest figure as a system of 14 constant and 8 extraordinary meridians we can see, that there are many other figures, created around it. These figures, are absolutely identical in form and contents, but different in size - from big enough to the smallest "fractal dust. We can also consider to be the microacupuncture systems, which we have told about at the beginning. They are also different in size and in the resolving ability. Su Jok, ECIWO, scalptherapy have the biggest resolving ability. Su Jok describes the microcopies of the meridians - belmeridians. Generally, this system describes the principle of fractalisation by the fullest way, especially in the basic and minisystems of the conformity. Prof. Park Jae Woo didn't try to prove the principle of self-similarity, well known in the East for a long time. He just used this principle as the basis of his doctrine, and at the same time he transferred all the philosophical conceptions of the Eastern traditional medicine to this microsystem, and didn't try to substantiate it physiologically. Recently there are a lot of attempts to describe the meridians in other acupuncture systems.

Since the DNA molecule is the smallest information and wave copy of our organism, we can suppose that theoretically possible amount of microsystems must be at least 1013 (the cell number of a living organism). As the Chinese say: Each object can be divided in pieces ten thousand times. In principle, it's possible to describe a lot of other systems, but they all are smaller then recently known systems.

In terms of cybernetics any microacupuncture systems is a homeostat, which provi-des information exchange between the inner medium of the human organism and the environment and works out the program of keeping internal stability. The homeostats of a living organism mix into hierarchies net forming homeostats of the higher order (5). For the human organism the system of classical chinese meridians is the acupuncture homeostat of the higher order.

The size of the organism copy in the different acupuncture systems conditions the different resolving ability of these systems and, as result, their different clinical efficiency during the treatment period. The pathology of an internal organ, organism's system, traumatic injury are momentary reflected in all acupuncture systems on the field level.

The main task of a doctor is to find the core of pathology and influence on it directly or indirectly. Of course sometimes it's much easier to do it using a microsystem, where the all information about an individual is concentrated on the limited surface. Possibilities are limited by resolving ability and, as a result, influence on an organism. The fine and specialized work while diagnostics and treatment is possible when it's done on classical and extraordinary meridians. Their unsuccessful use in some cases is a result of a wrong way of understanding, caused by our knowledge's limit; it's not a result of the system defect!

Of course, this hypothesis of microacupuncture systems' creation looks some abstract. It just models the process mathematically and physically, without the participation of nerve, humoral and other systems. But we must remember that the demonstration of the mathematical laws in the nature, including the living nature, is universal.

The concrete physiological substantiation will be done in the future, possible it will be done in some unusual form. That is next level of knowledge.



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