The Professional Acupuncture Mailing List (PA-L)


PA-L will be the Professional Acupuncture List. Admission will be by application only. PA-L will be confined to people with the following training:

1. Acupuncturists, who hold a current State-, National-, or International- Licence, Degree, Diploma or Certificate to practice human Acupuncture.

2. Third-Level graduates who hold a current Dental, Medical, Physiotherapy, Veterinary, or similar licence to practise and who ALSO have:

a. recognition from their State, National or International peers of their expertise in human or veterinary acupuncture


b. at least 5 years practical experience of acupuncture, and who are currently using acupuncture on a regular basis in their practice.

c. FULL-TIME research scientists, teachers or academic staff of University or third-level institutions (including TCM Schools or Acupuncture Colleges), who have research- or practical- experience of acupuncture

3. Waivers of the above will be made for:

a. retired colleagues who may be deemed by five or more EXISTING members to have experience of acupuncture which may be of use to the List-Membership.

b. third-Level Graduates who hold a current Dental, Medical, Physiotherapy, Veterinary, or similar licence to practise and who ALSO are STUDENTS at, or have completed, a recognised acupuncture course.

c.Undergraduate STUDENTS of a recognised College of Medicine, Vet Med, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Oriental Med/Chinese Med who are ALSO STUDENTS of (or have completed) a recognised course in Acupuncture.

c. acupuncture students of advanced standing (3rd years and above), who attend the courses of a recognized school.

The list shall not be used for advertising, product endorsements, or patients and pet owners seeking professional advice. The list is intended for professional scientific discussion, and people who abuse membership privileges will be dropped from the subscribers list.


The directory information required for subscription is for the sole use of the list owners in determining qualifications for list membership. This information will be held strictly confidential by the list owners. It will not be given out or sold to any entity. A statistical summary of the information may be used in future communications of list demographics.


PA-L is a private mailing list. Posts to the list are not edited, moderated, or checked for accuracy by any list owner. By joining the list and receiving messages, participants agree not to hold any list owner or administrator of PA-L responsible, including events resulting from participation in the list. Participation includes, but is not limited to, receiving messages from the list, reading messages transmitted by the list, sending messages to the list, and making any contacts based upon information transmitted by the PA-L mailing list. The content on the list is intended to be read only by acupuncture professionals. No message or portion of any message can be redistributed or given to any person not on the list without the express consent of the person who posted the message. The owners, moderators, or other administrators reserve the right to remove any list member from the PA-L list at their discretion, without notice at any time for any reason. This may include the removal of any member who consistently deviates from the list purpose, uses the list for commercial purposes, slanders a person or makes libelous statements, or uses language in such a way that is offensive in the judgement of the list owners.

We will attempt to educate the list members on the proper use of email programs as necessary. However, individuals who continually misdirect personal electronic mail responses or listserv commands to the whole list may be removed.


In addition to those, we ask all PA-L Members to please pay special attention to the following Netiquette.

1. PA-L is strictly for topics of direct interest to, or closely related to the work, theories, or problems of, professional acupuncturists.

Within those aims, all mail sent to the List should have some interest for the general membership. If the sender feels that only a minority of members may be interested, please do NOT direct the message to the List, but send it privately to those who may be interested.

Though many Listers use, or are studying, CHM, homeopathy, osteopathy etc., these are not of direct interest to most Listers. Therefore, please limit discussions on those topics to the essential theoretical or practical points, or direct your messages on these points to individuals by direct private email, i.e. off the List.

2. Spamming, flaming and general political philosophising are not acceptable. Do NOT raise, or relay, product advertising, requests to save the world etc. If these topics would interest individual members, please raise them with those individuals off the List.

3. Unless you are raising a new list-topic, keep all posts to the List relevant to a previous thread. Always include the topic [thread] under discussion in the Subject Field of your mail.

4. Do not send simple "I agree..." or "I disagree ..." posts to the List, unless your mail can substantially add to, or develop, the thread. If you want to support someone's view with a simple "I agree ...", or "I disagree ...", please write to the person privately, off the List.

5. Do not copy all the text of a previous email when replying to a thread. Limit your copied excerpts to, or paraphrase, the key points under discussion.

We look forward to welcoming you to the list.

Best regards,

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