Application to join Professional Veterinary Acupuncture Mailing List (PVA-List)

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Application to join PVA-L

Prospective candidates to join PVA-L may email the following details to Phil Rogers MRCVS (e-mail:

or they can submit online the application form

  1. Last name - First name:
  2. E-mail address:
  3. Colleges attended, degrees / diplomas, years obtained, and current licence or registration numbers in acupuncture, veterinary medicine and other:
    (Ex: Cornell Vet School, DVM (1980), PhD (1985); Vet Reg No 29/80
    (Ex: Singapore Coll Trad Chin Med, LAcSin (1993) Reg No 04/93
  4. Your main profession(s) now (for example veterinary practitioner (or researcher etc) and acupuncturist):
  5. Email or Fax numbers of the State-, National- or International Registrar of your profession(s):
  6. Are you Certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS)?
  7. Are you a Member of your National Veterinary Acupuncture Society?
    If Yes, give name and email address of the Secretary
  8. For how many years have you used AP regularly in your veterinary practice?
  9. What other expertise in AP can you bring to PVA-L?
  10. Names and Email addresses of other colleagues whom you feel might bring AP expertise to PVA-L: