Karanikiotes Charisios MD,Dip.Ac

The Five Shu Points are situated in the peripheral part of each meridian , below elbows and knees.

Traditionally , these points are the places where the Qi of channels is transferred and each of them corresponds to one of the five elements. In addition one Shu point on each channel corresponds to the same element as the channel as a whole.This point is reffered as the hourly point.

According to the relation of the Five Elements , each meridian has a "mother" point with reinforcing effect (tonification point)and a "son" point with a reducing effect (sedative point).

The Five Shu Points of Yin Channels

CHANNELJing-Well (Wood)Rong-Spring (Fire)Shu-Stream (Earth)Jing-River (Metal)He-Sea (Water)
LiverLiv1 (H)Liv2 (S)Liv3Liv4Liv8 (T)
HeartH9 (T)H8 (H)H7 (S)H4H3
PericardiumP9 (T)P8 (H)P7 (S)P5P3
SpleenSp1Sp2 (T)Sp3 (H)Sp5 (S)Sp9
LungL11L10L9 (T)L8 (H)L5 (S)
KidneyK1 (S)K2K3K7 (T)K10 (H)

The Five Shu Points of the Yang Channels

CHANNELJing-Well (Metal)Rong-Spring (Water)Shu-Stream (Wood)Jing-River (Fire)He-Sea (Earth)
Large IntestineLI1 (H)LI2 (S)LI3LI5LI11 (T)
Urinary BladderUB67 (T)UB66 (H)UB65 (S)UB60UB40
Gall BladderGB44GB43 (T)GB41 (H)GB38 (S)GB34
Small IntestineSI1SI2SI3 (T)SI5 (H)SI8 (S)
SanjiaoSJ1SJ2SJ3 (T)SJ6 (H)SJ10 (S)
StomachS45 (S)S44 S43S41 (T)S36 (H)

*(H) = Hourly Point
*(T) = Tonification Point
*(S) = Sedative Point